90’s kids remember turning on the radio and listening to music filled with of lyrics of teen angst, distorted guitars, awesome drum fills, and dudes wearing eye-liner. It was all about the music that spoke to every kid helping them power through the best and worst of times of growing up in the new millennium.

Now, Never Live This Down is bringing it all back. Okay… maybe not the eye-liner, but the melodic guitar riffs and catchy chorus everyone screams when it comes on.

The group consists of gentlemen who all grew up playing and learning different styles of music, but when combined create a magic fusion of rock reminiscent of the music that got us through the good and bad times of becoming a teen.

Let’s begin with the frontman of the group. A full blown Indiana native, Ryan Lehnertz has been a musician since he was 6 years old. Branching into a multi-instrumentalist throughout the years, he is also the lead guitarist and vocalist for the Indianapolis alternative group Alright, See Ya. He earned his BA in Digital Audio Production and writes, mixes and masters rock and rap records in his studio with various artists in the Hoosier state.

A band is never complete without a drummer. Alex Waters found his love for music playing drums when he was in the 6th grade. Naturally, he was a band geek in high school, but was introduced to a heavier drumming style which catapulted his skills to the next level throughout the years. His passion for music and performing landed him the role as the energetic drummer for InGhosts making Alex a perfect fit for Fort Wayne’s premier pop-punk cover band.

Of course, there must be a ripping lead guitarist. Colin Ingalls was an early bloomer in music, playing drums at 3 years old. After continuous growth as a musician, a family friend approached him when he was 13 years old, told him that “Santa came early…” and laid down a case in front of him containing his first guitar: an Epiphone SG. From there, he learned to play guitar from his dad and watching Youtube videos branching into many different genres and styles expanding his versatility as a kick-ass guitar player.

As a middle schooler enduring hardships of constantly moving and changing schools, Michael McNees found the cure in playing music. His love for singing and bass guitar grew as well as his natural ability to take on larger roles in music groups. Michael’s technical knowledge of web designing and music gear makes him the foundation of Never Live This Down as the bass player and leader of the band.

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